The goal of the MPATHI training application is to increase provider awareness of barriers which may compromise the quality, accessibility and appropriateness of healthcare services for immigrant families. MPATHI is a virtual reality based application that provides an immersive experience allowing the user to, "walk in someone else’s shoes." In this simulation, the user experiences the challenges of obtaining dental care for a child in a foreign country, with language barriers. We hope this first-person experience will help providers to identify with the challenges immigrant families face in obtaining healthcare in a foreign country. The ability to understand and share the feelings of patients underlies empathy, which leads to better patient care.

MPATHI training is available for Apple and Android smartphones. In order to experience MPATHI using the app it requires a VR-capable Apple or Android smartphone and a VR smartphone headset.

If you need assistance installing the app or have any other questions, contact us for support.

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One of the best ways to experience MPATHI training is by scheduling an onsite training session. Our team will coordinate with you to provide up to 20 virtual reality headsets and a facilitator to help conduct the training. Depending on your location, training can be done onsite as well as at Nationwide Children’s Hospital or The Ohio State University.

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While we believe the best way to experience MPATHI training is through downloading the mobile app or onsite training, you can also view MPATHI online. The online version of the training allows you to drag your computer screen to change the angle of view. This version is also viewable in virtual reality using the YouTube app on a VR headset.

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